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Individual Sessions

Initial Session

All clients will have an initial patient consultation lasting  50 minutes.

This is an opportunity for the therapist to gain insight into the clients' presenting problems, goals for therapy and background.

For adolescents and children, the therapist will include the parent for either individual time or alongside their child during the session.

Sessions 2 - 6

Following the initial session the therapist will collaboratively discuss the treatment plan with the client.

At session 6 we recommend the client revisit their GP or referrer to obtain 4 more medicare rebated sessions.

Sessions 7 +

Once the client has completed their 6-10 medicare rebated sessions, clients are welcome to continue with sessions on a private basis, or through their private healthcare claim.

Cognitive Assessment 

Initial Session

Clients will have an initial consultation of 50 minutes. 


This will either be for adults or parents of children who are having the assessment.


This allows for assessment to be tailored to the clients needs.

Following Session/s

Once client is advised of assessment recommended, the following session/s will commence.

The duration and number of appointments depend on the assessment type.

Feedback Session

A 50 minute session allows the theapist to provide the assessment report, as well as feedback and recommendations relevant to the individual. 


This will either be for the adult or parents of a child who has had the assessment. 

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