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Smiley Days was founded in hopes of bridging a gap for individuals seeking therapy.

Whilst awaiting the commencement of individual sessions, Smiley Days
specialised group programs offer practical skills and psychoeducation, so that clients can begin managing their current challenges with our support.

By offering these programs alongside individual therapy and cognitive assessment services, Smiley Days is a wellness hub, ready to provide care in whichever capacity required for the individual. 

Drawing Time

Skill Building Groups

At Smiley Days, group work allows our clients to build a toolbox of valuable skills to use when needed in everyday life. Whether it be for managing anxiety, improving self-esteem or social skills, the six week programs aim to facilitate self exploration and above all, a strong sense of community and support with the group. 

Our groups incorporate interactive and creative methods, alongside accountability in the individuals 'at home' activities. Tailored to specific age groups, these programs are designed to help our clients grow in new and exciting ways. 

Our current groups offer skills for the following: 

  • Social Anxiety 

  • Anxiety 

  • Self Esteem

  • Parenting

  • Parenting (ADHD Management)

  • Social Skills (ASD)

Cognitive Assessment

Cognitive Assessment

Our Cognitive Assessment services are available to assist in the exploration of intellectual abilities, determining potential strengths and weaknesses within the individual.


Recommendations are provided in order to advise best practices to support learning. Whether this be in an educational or workplace setting, we believe in understanding and accommodating for diverse learning profiles and needs.

Assessments offered:

  • WISC-V


  • WIAT 

  • BASC-3

Studying at Home
Individual Therapy
Child Therapist

Individual Therapy

Our individual therapy sessions offer a safe and confidential space for clients to work through their current concerns.

Smiley Days team employs a range of therapeutic styles, drawing upon CBT, ACT and mindfulness models, sessions are tailored to individual needs and are guided by a client-centred approach. 

Therapy can be a challenging commitment for anyone, However we believe with a collaborative approach, our clinic has the ability to reflect the rewarding nature of therapy to all that engage. 

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